Final week Comedytrain International Summer Festival with Eddie Pepitone

Every summer Toomler will be taken over by critically acclaimed comedians and upcoming new talent from all over the world. Come and see Comedytrain's comics to watch!

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Looking forward to a great summer at Toomler! We have air conditioning and cold beer...

Wed 8 - Sat 11 Aug / 8.30 PM

Eddie Pepitone
They call him the Bitter Buddha, comedian Eddie Pepitone is a master of the dark art of comedy. Hailed as a modern day cross between Jackie Gleason, Don Rickles and Eckart Tolle.
Eddie is a force of nature on stage, switching between social rage and self-doubt. His shows are an energetic combo of calm and chaos, blue-collar angst and sardonic enlightenment. Few comedians working today channel the power of the rant better than Eddie Pepitone.
Check him out on Comedy Dynamics.